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Sep 21, 2009:
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Our Story

Amy was born and raised in Maryland. She graduated from Seton Keough High School in '99 and went on to Washington College where she got a bachelor's degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. After graduation Amy attended Towson University for 2 years and received a Masters of Arts in Elementary education. Since graduating, she has worked the past 3 years for Howard County Public schools teaching 6th grade Science.

Outside of work Amy volunteers for the Make-a-Wish foundation as a wish granter. Other hobbies include playing volleyball and scrapbooking!


Eric was born and raised in Maryland. He graduated from Liberty High School in '96 and went on to Johns Hopkins University where he got a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. After graduation, Eric moved to San Diego and worked for a short time at Midway Home Entertainment. After moving back to Maryland, his best friend Andrew got him a job at triCerat, and 7 years later they are working their butts off...

Outside of work Eric volunteers to sit on the couch and do nothing. Other hobbies include hunting and golf. Eric enjoys dabbling in anything technical, even something as lame as web design.

ace of hearts

Amy and Eric met on April 20th, 2007. It was the third friday of the month, which is poker night for Eric and his friends. Since it was Eric's turn to host at his apartment in Columbia, they all were gathering beforehand nearby at Champps Restaurant. Eric's good friend Brandon had mentioned that a fellow teacher was probably still hard at work at school and had recently broken up with her boyfriend, so he gave her a call and eventually convinced her to come out for a drink. Little did she know what she had gotten herself into...


The meeting at Champps was brief, but it was enough fuel for Brandon to see he was onto something. The next night he "happened" to arrange a "double date" at another bar in the area, The Green Turtle. It wasn't truly a double date, but there were only 4 people there, Brandon and his wife Mindy, and Amy and Eric. This was the night that really started it all, as Amy and Eric had a lot more time to talk. Mindy was astounded by Eric's newfound vocal chords... and even referred to him as "chatty kathy" after seeing him in action.

Over the next month Amy and Eric saw each other a few times, including another "almost double date" with Amy's good friend Brianna and her husband Mark. Eric passed all their tests with flying colors. He even wore camoflauge over to Amy's one day and she still spoke to him afterwards! (later he would find out her hatred of his excellent sense of fashion during a shopping spree at Kohl's)


Our first "official date" was on May 15th, 2007. The original plan was to go to dinner at the Crab Shanty and have steamed crabs, having Amy home in time for her to watch American Idol. However, Eric had other plans. During the school day, Eric sent Amy the following email:

Dear Amy,

Due to the divergence of the primary weather pattern from the seasonal mean temperature (read: it’s awesome outside), I have devised a new plan for this evening.  Fear not, it will still involve me kidnapping you and subjecting you to the torture of watching American Idol at precisely 8pm. 

In order to complete the plan, I will need the following information:
1) What’s the earliest you can be ready to go? (these plans will be better if we can put them in motion earlier in the day… and I’ll just sneak out of work)
2) What curfew do your parents make you abide by on school nights?


Amy was a little nervous... she had only met Eric a few times and here he was saying he wanted to kidnap her! But she decided to take the leap.

Eric picked her up and took her to his family's shore house on the bay, Stoney Creek to be precise. He ordered steamed crabs from the restaurant down the street, the Stoney Creek Inn. Amy and Eric walked down the street to pick up the crabs, then took them back to the shore and ate them outside in the beautiful weather. It was a great start to the first date! After eating crabs they strolled on the pier and then went up to the house and watched American Idol. Eric despised the show at the time... so he must've liked this girl!

The night ended with Eric dropping Amy back off at her parents house. It was an abnormally late school night for Amy... so she must've liked this boy!

path to fire

Eric's plan for the engagement night could not have gone any better. He bought the ring a few weeks in advance at the beginning of November, and at the time did not know exactly when or how he was going to pop the question. He dreamed of being able to arrange it to happen on a snowy winter day, but also wanted to ask Amy before Christmas, which meant that the odds of snow were slim. So in the first week of December when the weather forecast was calling for snow, he quickly got his plans together in hopes that it would snow enough to make it all work!

On December 5th the snowstorm hit. Schools were not cancelled, so Amy was hard at work... and Eric was hard at work... getting ready for the proposal!

flowersEric sent Amy flowers while she was at school which had a card attached, that read (referring to the first date email):

Due to the divergence of the primary weather pattern from the seasonal mean temperature (it's snowing), I have decided to kidnap you this evening. Dress warm.

Love, Eric

After Amy got out of school, Eric picked her up from her parents house. Amy assumed that Eric was taking her for a hike in the woods (at his property) or on a sledding adventure. fire and tree and amyEric was taking her to his property, but not for a hike. When they got there and got out of the car, it was already twilight. The snow was still falling gently, and there were already a few inches on the ground. Eric asked Amy where she wanted to go, and Amy said that he was the one who wanted to come here so he should lead the way. Next thing she knew, a pathway of white christmas lights lit up! They walked down the path, which led them to a bench in front of a firepit, with a Christmas tree off to the side which was also lit and decorated!

Eric made a fire while Amy relaxed on the bench and made conversation. Once the fire was poemgoing, it kept them both warm even though the snow was still coming down. After some time had passed, Eric nervously pulled out a poem he had written for Amy. He was afraid he wouldn't be able to get through it, but he had to because the last line of the poem was the most important one... "Will you Marry Me?". As he got to the end of the poem he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, and although Amy was stunned she said "Yes" and gave Eric a big hug and a kiss.

They sat in the snow for a while longer enjoying the moment and watching the ring (and each others eyes) sparkle in the firelight. Eventually they made their way back to the car and went on a tour of the town to see their families and also their friend Brandon who had introduced them.